Inspirational Speaker - Professional Coach
Judy Hehr
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By imparting her belief that thoughts impact behavior, Judy has helped clients attain remarkable personal and organizational improvement for over 20 years.

An accomplished speaker, coach and radio host, Judy works with clients whose goals are so bold that they require a new level of power, performance and perspective.
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Helping people go from where they are to where they want to be!
"I Believe My History to be My Destiny"
Judy Hehr simply cannot be described - she must be experienced!
Judy Hehr simply cannot be described; she must be experienced. The power behind her emotional life journey and the style in which she shares her message cannot be defined. Judy’s story will expand your self-awareness, enrich your attitude, rekindle your love for Christ, and encourage your own personal relationship with God. Judy Hehr is an extraordinary human being whose message of captivity to freedom will inspire anyone who exposes themselves to it.

She has been referred to as a ‘Dynamic Messenger’ and an ‘open vessel to a miracle.’ When a moment is spent with

Judy Hehr, you are immediately reminded of the love and passion that God has for all of us. 

As a spiritual motivator and inspirational speaker, Judy has been described as engaging, compelling, entertaining, knowledgeable, enlightening, heart breaking and always electric. Using her sense of humor and examples from

her personal life struggles, Judy generously and selflessly shares her gift of making the connection between
theology and reality in our daily lives. 
Work with Judy to CREATE & REALIZE your passion, purpose and possibilities...
You are here. Stuck. Stymied. Or maybe feeling a scratch you can’t seem to itch. Perhaps you want more, but you can’t put your finger on exactly more what. It’s time for a change.

You want to get there. Aligned. Energetic. Passionate.  Purposeful. Firing on all cylinders.  Everything feels “right”. It might be a minor change that makes a major difference. Or a major change that you just can’t see. Net/net, the compass reads north, once again. 

Time to take action.  Judy specializes in getting individuals, teams and companies from where they are, to where they desire to be. While this takes many different shapes and forms — coaching, facilitation and consulting — the common denominators are collaboration, creativity and empowerment.